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Fanfiction February!

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#1 Capella

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Posted 13 January 2013 - 11:35 PM

MYSTCommunity and the Guild of Archivists are working together to organize a fanfiction event. If you've been missing writing Myst, this is a time to change that.

Here's what we know:

-It will be prompt based
-It's history focused
-hosted here on the Guild of Archivist forums
-It happens the month of February

Here's what we'd like input on:

-A list of prompts
-Challenge rules and structure (things like word count boundaries)
-Any awesome ideas you have on how to make this work smoothly

So, who's up for some writing time?

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#2 Capella

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Posted 13 January 2013 - 11:46 PM

What do we mean by history-focused? The goal of this fest is to fill in times that we don't have much information about - periods not covered in the games or the books. The two biggest periods are 0 DE to the Book of Ti'ana (or D'ni while it stood) and post Book of D'ni to the beginning of Uru. All the information available about these times comes from journal entries and other types of relayed to us history, so seeing some stories set in this period would flesh it out.

What are some examples? A prompt about Yeesha's time alone in D'ni would fit in, as would a tale about the DRC sometime between 1990 and when authorized explorers made it down.

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#3 Alahmnat


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 11:17 AM

Here's a few writing prompt ideas, provided by BladeLakem:
  • A D'ni functionary is sent to make contact with natives discovered in a new Age....
  • The day in the life of a Maintainer (or insert-Guild-member-here)....
  • Parents deal with the fact that their child wants to marry a member of a radical Yahvo cult....
  • A D'ni youth decides that the overseer of a D'ni colony is mistreating the bookworlders...
  • The trials of a D'ni sent to a prison Age for a crime he did not commit....
  • A bookworlder (not from Earth) discovers a book that leads to D'ni post-Fall but pre-Restoration....
  • In a long-forgotten Age, someone named Yeesha comes to 'repay' the people there for a catastrophe that happened in their mythology two millenia ago....
  • A prophet in a low class district of D'ni has visions of an 'angry cloud' that swallows D'ni, and they try to tell the people around them about it....
  • The children of a prominent local guildsman hide out during a Bahro attack on Releeshan....
  • A recounting of the war between the gods Sirrus and Achenar and how it sundered the world....
  • A minor bureaucrat in Garternay has to break the news to the King that Ri'neref has refused to write the Age he has been ordered....
  • A social worker in Nevada discovers a strange book that has been kept secret on the local reservation....

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#4 Capella

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Posted 01 February 2013 - 03:36 PM

Well, it's February and not much talk has happened about rules, so how does this sound?

-Must fill one of the prompts
-Submissions due on March 1
-Must be at least 500 words

Capella, Dark Cat of the Sith, administrator of MYSTCommunity

#5 gloa

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Posted 01 February 2013 - 08:11 PM

Last minute prompts time?

D'ni in Splendor
  • An illicit-book smuggling ring fights for control of the D'ni black market.
  • A D'ni man (or woman) from the height of its power becomes stranded in a garden Age with no link back. Explore his growing insanity until rescue comes.
  • As the last prompt, but no rescue comes. Instead, the Age seems to not be as uninhabited as it might seem...
  • The 103 diatribes of an imprisoned D'ni criminal.
  • A rich man sets out to link to every stable Age known to the D'ni - even ones in high security, or private property - for the fun of it.
  • The workers complaining how insignificant their lives are as they clean the great fans of D'ni.
The Ashes
  • A bookworlder king decides to see why the D'ni have not returned for so many years, and finds the city empty and majestic beyond his belief...
  • Follow a squad of maintainers as they try to assess the situation and secure the cavern in the immediate aftermath of the Fall.
  • Esher on his first return visit to D'ni.
  • Amanjira (the administrator in Tadjinar in Book of Ti'ana) tries to figure out what happened to the strange explorers who found him silver.
The Book of Gehn
  • How did Gehn and Keta meet, and why does she like him?
  • Gehn begins to write his first book, learning from experiment and old vague writings.
  • The collapse of one of Gehn's previous worlds.
  • Gehn tours [insert Age from Uru here] in search of useful items and knowledge. How does he get past puzzles - or does he not find anything?
  • Gehn wanders the deserts around the Cleft, meeting various civilizations and people, before he meets the Amad.
The Ages of Myst
  • An Age is split between those who side with Achenar, and those who follow Sirrus. Recount the political struggle from the side of a native.
  • Explore one of the Ages the brothers ruled during the beginning of their fall - were they more hesitant about engaging in unethical acts - or more careless?
  • Sirrus and Achenar actually accidentally helping a civilization deal with its troubles and get over its issues.
  • The struggle for freedom on Age which defeated the brothers (or at least one of them).
  • Atrus returns to some of the dead Ages after the end of Myst and Riven.
The Desert Bird
  • Esher's attempt at the Journey of Myst V.
  • Yeesha's first meetup with the DRC or explorers from the surface.
  • The DRC upon discovering Catherine's journals.
  • The day to day life of a man in Releeshahn between the times of Exile and Uru.
  • An expedition from the community in Releeshahn trying to find more long forgotten survivor communities in the various Ages of D'ni.
  • Esher's views on Releeshahn.

#6 laughingpineapple

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Posted 28 March 2013 - 10:02 AM

First of all, hello!
I have my fic, but I don't know if we're supposed to post it here in this topic or to open a separate thread. As Cat probably knows, I don't have the most stable access to the internet these days, so for precaution I uploaded it on AO3 just to show that it's a thing that existed before the deadline. I'll be posting it here as soon as I know where to post it and if we need to use a specific header (wordcount, prompt, rating, genre...?) or such, ok?
I can't wait to read your entries!

#7 Alahmnat


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Posted 31 March 2013 - 05:26 PM

Post it in the Bookshelf forum, and tag it with Fanfiction February. Unless there's a specific content warning needed, I think that'll be sufficient. If you need to mark it as being dark/suggestive/whatever, go ahead and put that in the tags as well. I should probably come up with a tagging system for the fic library at some point anyway, heh.

Here's a quick link for you to go straight to the posting form for that forum :).

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