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Friday Night Dance Party: K'veer

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Great news, fellow explorers!

The Friday Night Dance Party is alive and well, with a sizable turnout both in mid-December and for the New Year's Day Dance Party. Many of the cavern's citizens had a great time, with quite a few staying later for the post-dance music.

There has been a special request for where the next dance party could be held, and JayRho has chosen to honor that request. The next party will be on January 15th, with music starting at 16:00 KI Time.

There will be both pre-event feed music starting at 15:00, and things will finish up with some post-dance tunes at 17:00.

This event will be held in Atrus' former prison room of the public instance of K'veer (accessable via the Nexus). As usual, you will be able to connect to the music by going to UruTunes and clicking on the "Scenes From A Relto" link.

JayRho also wishes to extend a huge thanks to all who continue to support this event and make it a success.

Hope to see you there!!!

D'ni Location:
Date of the event:
Sat, 16 Jan 2016 15:00 - 17:00 -0700
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