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Korman 0.03 Released

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The latest version of the next-generation Age building plugin, dubbed Korman, has been released to the public. There have been many additions to this Blender plugin, and it is catching up fast with PyPRP as far as options.

Some key changes include:

  • Added a half-baked Plasma Light panel
  • Added Link To Age Node
  • Added option to export kAlphaTestHigh for draw order phailures
  • Added Soft Volumes
  • Added Visibility Regions and Effect Visibility Sets
  • Fixed a bug in which meshes would be exported as lamps
  • Fixed an infinite recursion bug with parented objects
  • Fixed a Python traceback in the Water wind settings
  • Improved alpha texture "ADD" blend mode

Installation is relatively easy. Note that to use the plugin, it is assumed you have at least a basic knowledge of Blender and its workings. There are also a few handy tutorials you can use to start building your own Age. Note that the newest options have not been documented yet, but that will change soon.

A big congratulations to the many programmers who have contributed! Keep checking back for further news on Korman and all things Age development related!

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