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Gehn Shard Great Zero Activation Event!

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As was mentioned at the last All Guilds Meeting, explorers visiting Gehn Shard have been hard at work calibrating that version of the Great Zero. It's been such a success, that Victor Haxman feels it's ready to activate fully!

As such, the Guild of Writers has invited explorers to gather at the Great Zero to witness this impressive piece of D'ni machinery go online. Note that, if you want to be down on the "main floor" for the event (and not watch it from the small window of the observation deck), you will need to gather your green and red markers to gain entrance to the main chamber via the Nexus.

The planned event will be held on Saturday, February 6th on Gehn Shard immediately following the All Guilds Meeting on the MOULa shard. Music is planned, but details are forthcoming (this post will be updated when this is finalized).

For those that missed out on this occasion back during the Gametap era, now is the time to see this rare occurence for yourself!

If you have not set up Gehn Shard yet, you can view details on how to do so at this link. If there's any troubles, you can discuss it in that section of the GoW forums.

D'ni Location:
Great Zero - Gehn Shard
Date of the event:
Sat, 06 Feb 2016 14:00 -0700
Submitted by:
Guild of Writers

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