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Cavern Criers: New Explorer Info Session

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Shorah b'shemtee, or "Peace to everyone", as we like to say as a greeting in the cavern!

Are you a new explorer? Do you want to know more about the Restoration of D'ni? Or, maybe you're interested in the various groups, and people of the cavern? Well, here's your chance!

A team sponsored by the various Guilds and groups, with special permission from the DRC, are presenting a special info session for new visitors and explorers just arriving to D'ni for first time. If you're not a new explorer, don't fret...Everyone is welcome to attend the discussion, and perhaps run into some old friends!

Funding is still being arranged to make this a monthly event, so for now, the first Info Session will depart from the GoMe Hood on Saturday, Feb. 20th at 13:00 KI-time. (That's CET: 9:00 pm / EST: 3:00pm / PST: Noon, for those not quite in sync with D'ni time keeping, yet!) Particpants will then need to link to the City via a special linking process in the Mediation Rooms. It is hoped a Greeter will be on hand to direct new explorers with any questions about this process. Once arriving in the City, the session will begin within 10-15 minutes for any late arrivals, but please be early as possible to avoid any needless delays. If you can't make it this time, not to worry...There will likely be another session sometime within the near future!

Again, welcome to Ae'gura, city of the D'ni. Our team of Cavern Criers look forward to seeing you on the tour!!!

(Nev's Note: A "live" practice session will be held within the GoMe hood at 18:00 Ki-time, on Tuesday Feb. 16th, for those interested in attending.)

Date of the event:
Sat, 20 Feb 2016 13:00 -0700

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