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    2 Teams of 1 Sport Strategy Force field enabled Uses blocks


    Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: S3035

    Basically you set it up like my diagram below shows, it can be set up at ANY preset height, (if its at ground level, raise every panel up 1 height except for the -1 panels, then follow the rest of the diagram). Each player starts at the bottom of their stairway, they will then jump up the stairs, jump the gap, then jump to the middle and knock the object towards their opponent's side and fight to get it into their opponent's basket/goal (the -1 panel). Continue till you get to 3 wins and then switch players (or not, its up to the host).

    (the image below shows how to set up the grid).


    the image below gives a visual on how to play the game.
    (the + and - numbers represent the panel heights)



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