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    4 Teams of 1 Strategy Uses blocks


    Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: Ace

    Field set-up
    Players must select a corner considered to be their "starting" corner. In a 2-player game, the players must pick opposing starting corners.

    Goal: move your small cube from your starting corner to the opposing corner.


    1. Players in a 2-player game alternate turns. Players in a 4-player game take turns sequentially by opposing corners: high, high, low, low.
    2. A turn is defined as either:
    3. raising or lowering a single pillar by one level, or
    4. pushing one cube from the pillar it’s on to any other pillar that can be reached without pushing the cube diagonally or changing the cube's level. (exceptions: see rules seven and eight)
    5. A player may raise or lower any pillar on the field.
    6. A player in a 2-player game may push any cube on the board except the small cube that started in his opponent’s corner. Players in a 4-player game cannot push any of the opponents’ small cubes.
    7. No two cubes may finish a turn in the same space.
    8. Small cubes may pass “through” each other’s spaces when being pushed, but small cubes cannot pass through a space occupied by a big cube, or vice versa.
    9. A small cube that is two levels or more above any adjacent non-diagonal pillar may be pushed off of that pillar onto one of the adjacent non-diagonal pillars. This counts as a turn, and is subject to rule five.
    10. A small cube adjacent to a pillar that is more than two levels below any adjacent non-diagonal pillar may be pushed down to that pillar. This counts as a turn, and is subject to rule five.
    11. First player to push the small cube from his starting corner into the opposing corner wins.
    12. Players may walk or stand anywhere on the board as long as they don’t interfere with the gameplay.
    13. A cube or pillar may not be moved back to the last position it occupied until the next turn of the player who moved it from that position. [in other words, you can't just reverse another player's move]
    14. A player or players who force a draw lose the game.

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