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  • Falling Race

    2 Teams of 2 Marker hybrid Force field enabled


    Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: CarlPalmner

    This is a simple idea that occurred to me while fiddling around with Jalak. Setup is fairly simple. You do need one Jalak Marker Mission. The best way to create it (for this game) is to set the columns to the top, and once they are there, set them to the bottom. As you and columns descend, run around placing Markers at random. Do this twice, and what you will be left with is a lot of Markers all floating randomly in the air above Jalak. Before you play the game itself, set the columns back to the top.

    Playing the game is very simple. You can have as many players as you want, but ideally you should also have one impartial explorer acting as referee. The referee gives a count of 1,2,3 and sets the columns to the bottom. As they descend, players race around to try to collect the Markers that will appear to be rising out of the ground. The goal is not to get all of the Markers, but just to get as many as they can before they hit the bottom (and are thus no longer able to reach any of them).

    At the end, players count up their Markers and the player with the most wins the race. You must of course rely on the players' honesty, unless you want to name each Marker individually and have them PM all the names to you afterwards (and this would be extremely tedious).


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