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    4 Teams of 2 Sport Uses blocks


    Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: JKC

    Four teams of 2 or more people... BY(BlueYellow), RB(RedBlue), GR(GreenRed), and YG(YellowGreen)... will start off on the arena so that the teams are all scattered up. When the pillars start moving, it's up to you and your team to find your way to the edge and jump to your team’s fortress before the other teams do.
    When everyone from a team has successfully jumped to the appropriate fortress, then that team has won and the round is over.
    The winning team is rewarded with one of the five jalakblocs which can be kicked over to their fortress for safe keeping after a round. The first team who collects all five of the jalacblocs wins the game.

    (This game can also be played with 2 or 3 teams and you can also change the team names to just Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow, too, if it makes it easier.)


    1. Make up 4 teams and change your clothes to match the color of your team (ie. team YG could wear a yellow top and green pants). Also, select two judges who will watch and control the pillars from the forts.
    2. Flatten the arena and have all the teams scatter themselves on the grid. The judges must be off to the side and clear from the arena. *obviously the jalakfield must stay off*
    3. When everyone is in place, the judges will press either the 4th or 5th 'randomize pillar' buttons in the KI. However this does NOT mean the game has started. the Judges will say "GO!" 4 or 5 seconds after the pillars start moving, so the pillars are at least a little mixed up.
    4. Players must now navigate their way through the maze of moving pillars to the edge of the arena where they will jump off onto the right fortress with the team colors.
    5. Once all the players of one team are on their fort, they have won that round. Judges will raise the floor to the top and spawn 1 of the 5 jalakblocs which will then be kicked over to the fortress of that winning team for safe keeping.
    6. The floor is reset and a new round begins.
    7. the first team to complete 5 round and collect all 5 of the jalakblocs wins the game.


    • Players are not allowed to touch the pillar or Jalakbloc controls during the game.
    • Forcefield must stay off
    • If a player falls off into the jungle below, then most likely their team will lose that round, but if they manage to link back into the game fast enough, they can give it another shot.
    • Judges must keep the pillars moving continuously throughout a round.

    Tips and Hints:

    use the colored markings on the pillars to help navigate yourself when you can't determine which direction you need to go.

    It is helpful to get a running start off the edge so that you can clear the jump onto a fort.

    make sure you jump when you are high enough. Jump from a low pillar and you will most likely fail the jump.


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