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    2 Teams of 2 Sport Force field enabled Uses blocks


    Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: rong

    Teams and Players

    This is a game for two teams, each team can have from one to as many players as you like!

    Setting up the game

    First turn on the jalakfield, then load the jalaball column file with the command:

    /loadcolumns Jalaball

    Once the columns are set, they are not moved at all for the duration of the game.

    A single player from either team is elected to trigger the jalaball for each round of play (the 'dropper') for the duration of the whole match.


    Get a jalaball into your own goal! The two team goals (yellow and red) are the single lowered columns in opposing corners.

    Playing the game

    1. Each team chooses a corner as their goal (yellow corner or red corner) for the duration of the whole match.
    2. All team members start each round in their own goal (for example, if you are in the yellow team then you must stand in the yellow corner with the fish symbol).
    3. When both teams are in position, the elected 'dropper' drops a single jalaball into the arena. When the jalaball lands, the round starts.
    4. Players now jump out of their team goal and attempt to push the jalaball back into their own team goal.
    5. Once the jalaball has been pushed into a teams goal, the round ends (the jalaball may be left in the teams goal, see Scoring).
    6. Teams now return to their goal ready for the next round of play.


    Each jalaball that a team pushes into their own goal is one point.

    A team that collects three jalaballs (three points) wins a set. When this happens, remove the three jalaballs from the goal and put a single small jalasquare in the goal to indicate a set has been won (see Tips for the suggested way to remove the jalaballs). The opposing team must also remove any jalaballs in their goal, so a new set can be started.

    The first team to win three sets wins the game!


    If you're like me, then you use both mouse buttons to run in moul, but this can result in accidental triggering of columns. I suggest using shift with your move forward key to run, and not use the mouse for the game.

    If you want a more leisurely game, make people walk!

    When a set is won, jalaballs must be removed from each teams goal. The easiest way I find to do this is to lower a column adjacent to your team goal (effectively making your goal bigger), turn off the Jalakfield, and push the balls into oblivion. Afterwards, just make sure you raise the column back up, and turn the Jalakfield back on!

    The easiest way to put a jalablock (a small cube) in a teams goal when a set is won is to stand in the centre, face the goal where you wish to put the jalablock, step back very slightly, drop the jalablock into the arena and jump to 'head' the block into the goal!


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