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  • Jalak Ball

    4 Teams of 1 Sport Uses blocks


    Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: Alex-Macintosh

    TEAM OPTIONS: 2 Teams required to play, but up to 4 teams can play.

    SETUP: The Ref of the game must raise the four corner tiles once, that way there is an area for the teams (composed of 1 player each team or 2 players per team) to stay at. There must be 1 player/Referee who keeps score and controls the field and only that one person may control the field.

    NORMAL PLAY RULES: When the Ref (player and score keeper) drops the blue JalakBall to the center, all players must attempt to kick the ball into the opposing team goal area (identified by the symbol color on the raised columns tiles). The Red team's goal line is from the Red corner to the Green Corner, The Green corner's goal line is from the Green platform to the Yellow Platform and so on:


    When the Ball is kicked to an opposing team's forcefield (look below for Deathmath rules), the team that kicked it in scores. The ball must hit the forcefield and doesn't have to go through it. When the ball hits the forcefield, the Referee then removes the ball and drops it again. The first team to reach the set number of points wins.

    OPTIONALS (Enforced by Referee) : Goalies are Optional, for 2 player teams (one kicking the ball one defending the goal).


    The Forcefield in the JalakField is disengaged and any team mate (not including the referee, unless he/she falls, and is the only player on the team, then they can no longer play but remain Referee) that falls off the arena is disqualified and cannot return to play or recieve an invitation back until a new game begins . This means if you have 2 players on one team, and one player falls off, only the other player can participate this game. The Above normal match rules are then enforced (without forcefield).

    OPTIONALS (enforced by Referee): Goalies ^explained above. Players can all control the field.

    Please do not claim this game as your own but ask if you'd like to share the rules on another site, via KI mail.


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