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  • Jalak Battle Chess

    2 Teams of 10 Strategy


    Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: The Noble Robot

    This game was created by Cyan's own Greydragon. The rules are simple. You get 19 of your closest friends and stand on the board thusly:


    The pillars are all set at the same elevation, there are no Jalakblocs. Each team has "A King, two rooks, two knights and 5 pawns." The arrangement is derived from standard chess. The King of each team stands in the center of the "home row," flanked by two knights. Rooks stand at each corner, and the remaining players are pawns.

    It might be useful to devise uniforms, or things might get confusing. ?

    Play is organized by each team's King, and proceeds like standard Chess.


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