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  • Jalak War-Cube

    2 Teams of 1 Strategy Uses blocks


    Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: Sheykan

    Shorah, I am Sheykan of Italian Bevin. Excuse my English. I used a translation program. I hope we understand the same.

    We come to play. It is like Battle Ship. It rose to 4 notches central columns. Each player places 2 small cubes in his area of the game. Do not look beyond the wall:).

    Player 1 calls a pillar of player 2 that will raise the column to show its contents. If the player 1 (or 2) calls the column where the player 2 (or 1), the player will have to turn away, walk back up the wall central raise the column and only in this case can lower the column to return in its place.

    The images show the preparation of the pitch and swing. (Sorry for written in Italian ? )

    jalak-war-cube-1.jpg  jalak-war-cube-2.jpg  jalak-war-cube-3.jpg  jalak-war-cube-4.jpg


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