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    2 Teams of 2 Strategy


    Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: JKC

    Intro and Objective

    Starting on the opposite corner pillar from your opponent, you must somehow find your way across and to reach your opponents starting pillar before they beat you to it. Each player can pick ONE of the following actions on their turn; They can Move to an adjacent pillar which is on the same level they are on (no diagonals), They can raise a pillar, or lower a pillar so that they may either set up for a future move, or to block their opponent from making a move.


    1. First, the two players must choose and stand on any of the 4 corner pillars. But it has to be opposite from the opponents pillar. So if you chose to stand on green, then your opponent would be on blue.
    2. Hit the button that randomizes the pillars, and when the pillars stop moving the game can begin. The person who ends up on the highest pillar goes first (or you can work something out on who goes first).
    3. On a players turn, they can only choose one action to take. This is either to make a move to another pillar that is adjacent to them and on the same level, or to raise or lower a pillar of their choice.
    4. There is a special move that can be made. If a player lands on the middle pillar (the one with the sparkly mark) they can choose to hit the randomize button to shuffle the pillars around. This can either aid that player, or just make things worse on their part.
    5. First player to reach the opponents symbol wins.

    Other Rules

    • Players may raise or lower the pillar they are standing on, as well as their opponents.
    • Players may NOT move the same pillar their opponent just moved.
    • No sea-sawing moves, like if you move your opponents pillar and they move yours, then you move theirs again, and so on and so on...
    • Only a player who lands on the middle pillar can activate the 'randomize pillar' control
    • No jumping


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