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    2 Teams of 1 Sport Uses blocks


    Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: Sheykan

    Start the barrier around the field Jalak.

    Choose your angle and your arms.

    Lower the angle chosen at least 3 times.

    Now, both players (but you can also play in 3 or 4) are put in a box adjacent to the station.

    One of the two sends down a ball. The two contenders trying to catch her jumping.

    Then the challenge begins. Each player may use any means ... opponent throw objects up or down the pillars (do not touch the pillars on the corner).

    The goal is: to throw the ball in the 'hole' in the corner of the opponent.

    The winner is the first who threw three balls (total memory that the spheres are 5).

    P.s.: i used google translate...if you don't understand..i will post the game with my translate (this P.s. is my translate :) ).


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