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    2 Teams of 1 Strategy


    A recreation of the homonymous table game from Return to Zork.

    1. One player is the Wizard, the other is the Canuk.
    2. The Wizard moves first, like the knight in the game of chess: one column in a direction, two in the other. The starting column is raised by one.
    3. The Canuk can move to any unoccupied column to block the Wizard's movement.
    4. For the Wizard to win, all the columns must be raised except the one they are occupying.
    5. For the Canuk to win, they must force the Wizard to move on a raised column.
    6. The Wizard is allowed to pass on any turn.

    The column configuration is the regular 4x4 grid, with a raised wall around it for spectators. Alternatively, the game could be played on a 5x5 grid.


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