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    2 Teams of 1 Strategy


    Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: CarlPalmner

    Set all the columns on the bottom. Each player goes to a corner. You can play with up to 4 players but with the size of the Jalak board, having only 2 players really is best.

    Players take turns moving. On a player's turn, he moves the same way a knight moves in chess--2 spaces in one direction, and 1 space in a perpendicular direction. For example he could move 2 spaces "north" and then 1 space "east" or "west". Whatever space he lands on, he raises that tile one step to indicate it is no longer "safe". This is the ONLY tile he may manipulate, and he MUST raise it when he lands on it. Players are forbidden to ever lower a tile. Players may never "land" on a tile with another player, but they can pass through other player's tiles on their way to their destination tile. If a player lands on a raised tile (in other words, a tile that has been visited already) he loses the game. Note that players CAN safely walk over a raised tile on their way to a "safe" one, but if they END THEIR TURN ON AN ALREADY-RAISED TILE, they lose. The goal, then, is to survive as long as you can jumping from safe tile to safe tile, while all the time tiles are becoming unavailable because every time a tile is visited, it is no longer safe afterwards. Clever players will find ways to "block" other players by landing on tiles available to them and using strategy to decide which tiles to go to (and thus raise).


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