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Radio Free D'ni Christmas Show

Community News 18 Dec 2014
Since it is that time of year, Radio Free D'ni is about to do their Christmas show! The time will be Saturday, December 20th from 13:00 to 15:00 KI time.  There will be festive music of all kinds: pop, jazz, folk and classic...not the sort of thing you'd find in the supermarket, mall or elev...
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All Guilds Meeting - December 2014

Community News 11 Dec 2014
It was the last All Guilds Meeting of 2014 and it was quick and painless.  For those that missed the meeting, the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs await you.Here's a summary of what happened:EthereonTom(Samoth) was up first with a bit of news about a very Myst-like game in the works called Et...
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Guild of Ants Picnic - All Eusocial Explorers Welcome!

Community News 20 Nov 2014
Other organizers having incautiously left this Saturday the 22nd unattended, the Guild of Ants scurries in and carries it off to have a picnic! Join the Guild in the Guild of Ants Hood's Tsogal at 13:00 KI time for music, dancing, splashing in ponds, and, if everyone gets really carried away on...
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Cavern Appreciation Party

Community News 17 Nov 2014
There will be a Cavern Appreciation Party in the Cavern Events Hood on Sunday, November 23rd at 15:00 KI time, hosted by Zeke365.   What exactly is this appreciation party? It's a celebration of Cyan and the Uru community. The entire chat will be logged, so say your thoughts, encouragement...
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Radio Free D'ni - British Prog (part 2)

Community News 14 Nov 2014
Radio Free D'ni is planning another broadcast! This show is called Brit Prog 2 - Caravan.The broadcast will be on the 23rd of November and will start at 13:00 KI time. There will be a gathering on Ae'gura in the courtyard.To listen to the stream, click here. After that, choose an option that suit...
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