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All Guilds Meeting - October 2014

Community News 04 Oct 2014
The first All Guilds Meeting after the big reset and it was as crazy as ever...with bananas and ants and duct tape included!I...guess you had to be there.  For those that missed our monthly shenanigans, we have raw and cleansed chatlogs to read, plus the usual handy summary below!Mister Magi...
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Community News 03 Oct 2014
D'ni Location:  Watcher's Sanctuary Date of the event:  Sat, 04 Oct 2014 09:00 - 12:00 -0600 More information...
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Radio Free D'ni Presents: A Look at the Band

Community News 01 Oct 2014
On October 12th at 13 KI time, Radio Free D'ni will broadcast a show concentrating on just one band, their history, development, members and highlights.Mal has a show ready on the History of AC/DC, but he may not be able to make it for this date.I have a show ready on The Sensational Alex Harvey...
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MOULa(aa) is Back Online!

Community News 26 Sep 2014
Shorah, returning cavern-dwellers!To those who did not hear, Myst Online: URU Live Again had a serious crash not too long ago, resulting in all avatars and their progress being lost.As URU has a more cautiously optimistic community than most MMORPGs, many explorers are taking this in stride, and...
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Cavern Sighting Report: OHB

Community News 08 Sep 2014
What is all that noise?Huh...Looks like somebody is working on something in the cavern. What is it, I wonder? It's...it's...it's a BOMB!!! Oh, wait....no. That was his arch-nemesis, wasn't it?Let's see...orange hair, life in plastic, so fantastic...Why it's none other than the mega-famous OHB!!!R...
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