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Heritage Night: The Hood Of Illusions - Part 2

Community News 04 Jul 2015
Jamie Marchant and Stone are ready to present the story of "The Creation Of The Hood Of Illusions". The retelling will take place in that particular hood on Friday, July 24th at 16:00 KI Time (6 PM EDT, 10 PM GMT).The first part of this event was a huge success!  This time, the group would l...
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Radio Free D'ni: Progressive Folk

Community News 28 Jun 2015
Shorah, citizens of the cavern!Don't forget there's another upcoming Radio Free D'ni this Sunday! This week's selection will be Prog Folk, a genre that covers a multitude of interpretations, without ever quite getting as histrionic as Yes (but coming close at times). Mal may not make it this week...
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July 4th Extravaganza!!!

Community News 18 Jun 2015
July 4th is not only Independence Day in the United States, but it's also the perfect time for a party in the cavern! July 4th is a Saturday, and the party will be starting at 13:00 KI time!  Special guests will include: Mirphak (Mir-o-Bot - KI#: 32319); Mister Magic (Magicbot - KI#: 27...
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Radio Free D'ni: Rarities and What-Ifs #3

Community News 13 Jun 2015
Hiya again, cavern dwellers!Don't forget the upcoming Radio Free D'ni this Sunday! It will be Rarities and What-ifs 3, chosen by Malaclypse with some input from both AlanD and Ed. All of this musci Mal and I will present for your listening pleasure.  Some old and some new stuff is on hand, i...
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All Guilds Meeting - June 2015

Community News 06 Jun 2015
We're heading into summer now and the All Guilds Meeting continues the month of June in the cavern.  We have the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs from this month's meeting, plus a summary of events below:LonirvanKorov'ev took the stage first to talk about Jhon J. Jaguar's latest Age: Lonirvan...
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