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Radio Free D'ni - Upcoming Concerts

Community News 18 Aug 2014
Radio Free D'ni, after the success of their first ever concert in the cavern, has a couple more shows in the works.  Malaclypse is planning the next event for Sunday, August 31st at 13:00 KI Time; A History of Supertramp is the current working title.Their third show will consist of British P...
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Radio Free D'ni - Introductions

Community News 15 Aug 2014
Radio Free D'ni, a new music group announced at the last All Guilds Meeting, will be having their first show this weekend!  It's appropriately titled "Introductions".For those interested in tuning in and gathering with your fellow explorers while doing so, simply use their broadcast stream a...
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All Guilds Meeting - August 2014

Community News 09 Aug 2014
With Mysterium behind us, it was time to finally have this month's All Guilds Meeting!  This one was packed with all kinds of info about what went on at last week's fan-led convention, as well as updates in the cavern as well.  Of course, no AGM summary would be complete without the obl...
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Cyan Has Released New Concept Art!

Community News 04 Aug 2014
Cyan has just released a large amount of never-before-seen concept art for (unreleased) Uru Ages. Since the announcement at Mysterium, we know that some of these Ages are being actively worked on now, so be sure to check out the concept art to get an idea of Ages we may expect in the future. Spec...
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The Open Cave Releases v2.17 of MOUL Shard

Community News 04 Aug 2014
Just a little over a month since their last update, the team over at The Open Cave released version 2.17 of their MOUL shard!  Changes for this update include: Picture contest winners in CoD Unidentified Object sighted in CoD Timestamps for chat can be enabled in the KI Minor fixesTo...
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